In order for this to be a successful and fruitful year, there are several opportunities for students to participate in extra help or scheduled tutoring sessions.  The material we cover will be complex and difficult, and the pace may be equally new for students.  Students who find they are struggling, or are just looking for added assistance, can receive tutoring in a number of different ways.

Office Hours: Weekdays after school until 3:30pm.

Technology Sessions!  Mrs. Long will hold periodic after school tech sessions for extra help getting used to the tools we are using in class. 

Twitter: anytime instruction.

Send messages to @MrsLongMCPS about questions, homework or assignments. Students may also access links to the Evernote notebook (lesson plans) through Twitter.

Google Classroom: anytime instruction.


  • Students with basic questions in regard to study or writing may post messages directly to the teacher or to the teacher and the class on Google CR.
  • Use the timeline to review assignments and due dates.

Email: you may email the teacher directly at any time.  Please allow at minimum 24-hours to respond to an email.

  • Emails will be checked directly before school begins, during scheduled planning time, and immediately after school.  Evening availability may vary.
  • nicole_a_long@mcpsmd.org
  • nicole.a.long@mcpsmd.net